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Champion Healing Wave

Everything in the world has a energetic vibration or frequency when analyzed  under a microscope. So we as individuals have our own frequency that sometimes needs to be retuned. 

Dr. Emotto was a great scientist that shows how thought and frequency can physically change the molecular structure  of water...we are mostly water.

This is only the very very tip of the iceberg of understanding healing in the energetic & spiritual level.

Energy Massage: Individual (60,90 minute) Hands on reading of your energy and massage to help bring balance back to the energy centers with different techniques and modalities and tools from different practices around the world.  $90,$120

Healing Wave Session: Individual(60 minutes)  Combination of  instruments and more customized to your healing needs  $100

Public/Private Classes are available

Healing Wave Private In- home (60 minutes)                                Basic: $200+ up to 3 people ($30 each additional person)             Deluxe $225 + up to 3 people ($45 each additional person) 

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 Alternative Wellness Consultation

Do you not know what you need or where to start for your healing journey? 1st time consultation is to customize what you need as an individual as a whole. Looking at the life style as a whole Physical, IntellectualSpiritual, Emotional. from Herbalism (Pharmacognosy), mycology, Food goals, Sound therapies, meditations, Therapeutic modalities, and more.... 

Everything that is wild of the earth is made up of the same compounds of what makes up our body. We even resonate with the Earths frequency. Let's be real, everyone is different, in EVERY aspect of life, no one fits the cookie cutter gernerally taught. so we need to look at what fits YOUR life style. 

1st Appointment Consultation(60 minutes): $60 (please be sure to fill out intake information 4 days prior to appointment)

Follow up Appointment (30 minutes): $40

3 Appointment Combination (60,30,30 minute) $120

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